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Parent Resources

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  • Manitoba Curriculum Documents
    Provides links to each K-12 subject area. Each subject link has information on the curriculum overview, pillars for teaching and learning, learning resources, and quick links for other websites including support documents for teachers.


  • My Child in School
    Parents can visit this website to obtain information for their child’s compulsory subjects. Information is broken down by each grade, and each compulsory subject area is further broken down into four sections, including: what my child is learning, how my child is assessed, resources that support my child’s learning, and frequently asked questions.


  • My Learning At Home
    This website is one of the supports parents can use to enhance learning at home for their child’s well-being and learning growth. There are many ways you can enhance learning for your child with My Learning at Home website, including accessing information and resources to support your child’s physical, social and emotional, and digital wellness, read tips about learning at home, and peruse parent guides about different subject/learning areas.


  • Homeschooling - Manitoba

  • Manitoba Recommended Resources
    This website contains a list of links that are Manitoba recommended learning resources. This page provides helpful guides for selecting learning resources for every subject. Some resources are broken down in early, middle, and senior years.


  • Direction des ressources éducatives françaises (DREF)
    French support services

    This website provides a support service available to French-language learners and teachers. There are multiple physical and digital resources available to support student learning in French.


  • Computers for School
    Computers for School supports education, skills development, and environmental responsibility through affordable technology. The program employs recent graduates from various IT programs to test, clean and refurbish equipment as part of the work experience program.


  • Curriculum Essentials
    Curriculum Essentials are resources designed to provide a “quick start” to the Manitoba curriculum for Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in Grades 1 to 8. Teachers need to plan and assess student learning using a large number of diverse curricular concepts that are organized in different ways. These resources help educators manage and organize outcomes, see links among the curriculum areas, and maintain a strong focus on foundational learning.


  • My Child in the Middle Years
    This website offers parents of middle years students information about the changes young adolescents experience, suggestions and resources to assist in helping their children be successful in middle years, a list of community supports available to assist families (social agencies, 24-hour phone lines), and insightful comments from middle years students and their parents.


  • Mental Health and Well-Being Resources
    This website provides links to a large variety of resources for youth and adults that focus on mental health and well-being.


  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection
    Canadian Centre for Child Protection is committed to helping families and protecting children. This website provides multiple resources for everyone, including those in need of immediate assistance, or looking for prevention material. There are also links to services and programs for families and educators.


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